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TodayWe Explore is a brand of C+R

© 2019 C+RGroup Pte. Ltd.

"Life's an Endless Exploration"


TodayWe Explore (TWE) is an inspirational brand fronted by Singaporean creatives Cheryl & Hemandra, a couple passionate about creating content & sharing unique travel & lifestyle experiences with their friends & fans.

Together with the #TodayWeTeam, a team comprising of content creating geniuses, they ensure every piece of work put out there is to its best.


Apart from working on TodayWe Explore (TWE), we manage C+R, a strategic marketing group focused on creating business success through social-first digital marketing and adopting a collaborative business mindset to all partners and clients


With that experience, we've found our niche and strengths to offer these expertise under TWE: 

creative partnership

w/ TodayWeexplore

Reach over 100,000+ users the across South-east Asian region with on our Instagram page with unique partnerships that are not only strong on reach but cost-effective as well.


Discover branded content below.



Get our community and key-opinion-leaders talking about your brand through curated offline engagements that drive organic traffic to your brand.


Afterall, organic beats paid every time.

content creation

Work with the #TodayWeTeam to create social-first videos and photos that work well with your campaigns and promotions on social media.

Keen to know more? We'll send you our portfolio.

social strategy

& Consulting

We love the idea of collaborating with in-house marketing teams to create social media strategies that utilize content to create lasting results and strong brand impressions.


Get your social platform audited by us. 

Keen to see how we can help you already?

Drop us an email: create@todayweexplore.com


As seen on @TodayWeExplore


Some of the clients and partners we've been blessed to work with in our journey so far.

On social, we've always believed that Great Content ≠ Success,

but, Great Content + Great Reach = Success.

Hence, all our efforts are tailored to work both ways so that you get the best

value for every dollar you've spent.


Let's sit down and talk about ideas.


Drop us an email: create@todayweexplore.com

or fill out this contact form and we'll be in touch right away.