With us


Hemandra & Cheryl exploring life together.


Cheryl & Hemandra developed TodayWeExplore to become a source of inspiration for couples looking to improve their journey as one.

We’ve stayed committed to inspiring everyday people to lead better & more fruitful lives by incorporating the idea of wellness. Wellness that is not limited to the physical body but also the mind & soul. By eating well, staying disciplined to a fitness regime & travelling the world, we believe that everyone can achieve a fulfilled life.

We've also recently relaunched our agency after recognising a greater demand for UGC-styled content. Our strength lies within bridging reach with socially-driven content.

What we do
as a team.

We’re backed by a content team that works closely with us to deliver content that speaks to our audience while helping our brand partners excel in their social media efforts.

We primarily work with luxury hospitality, travel & lifestyle brands to create content for their social media platforms.

When we’re not creating content, we work with renowned content creators in the region to deliver strategic collaborative campaigns for stat boards, tourism & travel agencies and lifestyle brands.

Gone are the days for “pretty photos”.

We create content specific for social media by focusing ongoing trends & adapting to your audience.

By Influencers,
For Influencers.

Taking experience from being KOLs ourselves, we’ve managed to value-add to clients who want to leverage influencers for brand awareness.

Best in the Business.

We’re still one of Singapore’s most followed travel creators despite taking a hiatus, we’re now back in full swing.


Few brands we've been blessed to partner up with over the last few years.